Thursday 27 April 2006

Oil Panic DS (0.2)


.nds file:
.nds.gba file:

Presentation of the game here

• What's new in version 0.2:
- Switched off "sprites" are slightly visible, like on the original LCD display.
- Game A and Game B are two distinct difficulty settings. Game B was the single level of version 0.1. Game A is of course easier.

Wednesday 19 April 2006

Oil Panic DS (0.1)


.nds file:
.nds.gba file:

Here is my first homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. It's a simulator of the Game&Watch Oil Panic.

• How to play
The scene takes place in a gas station, as an oil leak from a pipe on the third floor is causing confusion. Move Station Helper left and right to catch the leaks in his bucket. Helper's bucket holds three drops. Move Helper out to veranda to pour the oil into the Boss's oil drum on the second floor. Be careful not to drop oil on the waiting customers.
The upper screen is a zoom-up of the third floor of the gas station where Helper is. All three floors of the gas station appear on lower screen.

• Buttons
At intro screen:
- A: start game A
- B: start game B
At the moment there is no differences between game A and game B.
During game:
- ◄ or Y: move left / pour left
- ► or A: move right / pour right

• Score
- Catch a drop: +1 point
- Pour a drop: +1 point
- Pour two drops at once: +2 points
- Pour three drops at once: +5 points
At the moment there is no "chance time" mode when reaching 300 points, like in the original game.

• Miss
Upper screen:
- Helper fails to catch oil drops: +1 miss
- Helper's bucket is full and he tries to catch another drop: +1 miss
Lower screen:
- Oil spills on customers: +1 miss
When the number of misses on either the upper or lower screen reaches 3, the game is over.