Tuesday 29 January 2008

Game&Watch Fantasies (v2.0)

Download: GWFv2.zip

Source: GWFv2_src.zip

Presentation of the game here

• What's new in version 2.0:

- New levels, some of them with LCD digits as platforms.
- New music: Beyond Love by Fat Jon, one of my favorite music artists.
- Title and pause menus, with some options.
- Auto-save feature: you can now quit the game at any time, and continue later.
- Easy mode: "Moon" gravity (change in the pause menu).
- Minor adjustments.

Sunday 18 November 2007

Game&Watch Fantasies (v1.0)

Download: GWF.zip


Game&Watch Fantasies is a puzzle/platform game for the PSP, inspired by the Game&Watch LCD games.

• Rule #1
Like in a Game&Watch, the hero moves discontinuously. Therefore, he can "teleport" through thin obstacles by simply walking or jumping.
However, the gravity doesn't allow him to do so: it is impossible to go through an obstacle when falling.

• Rule #2
If the obstacle is too large, the hero will move until he touches it.
This property can be used to adjust his horizontal or vertical position, depending on the situation.

• Buttons
◄ / ►: Step left / right
X / O: Jump
∆: Stop / start the music

• Score
Every time the hero steps to the left / right or jumps, a beep can be heard. The aim of the game is to finish all the levels while producing as few beeps as possible.

• Credits
Design and development: Mia
Library: OSLib
Original tileset: Jay
Music: Télépopmusik - "Breathe"