Video (the animation is smoother on real hardware).



A little game I have developed while testing a 2D physics engine (chipmunk) on the PSP.
Basically, it's a visual reproduction of the Game Boy Tetris, but based on a physics engine. And that makes the experience quite different.

• Gameplay
Compared to the original:
o The behavior of the tetrominoes is based on a physics engine: they move, rotate and interact with each other like real physical objects.
o You can slow down the fall of the pieces at will.
o The aim of the game is not to make lines (don't bother trying, it's impossible), but instead, to stack up as many tetrominoes as possible before they reach the top of the screen.

• Buttons
You can move and rotate faster by pressing the corresponding button several times.
◄ / ►: Move left / right
▼ / ▲: Accelerate / slow down the fall of the tetrominoes
X / O: Rotate
START: Pause

• Credits
Design and development: Mia
Graphics library: JGE++
Physics engine: Chipmunk