.nds file: NegativeSpacev2_nds.zip
.ds.gba file: NegativeSpacev2_gba.zip



Here's a new version of Negative Space I've made while playing with the NDS' DMA.

There's an auto-save feature that requires DLDI, meaning that you may need to patch the game with DLDI depending on your card. Please refer to http://dldi.drunkencoders.com for more information.
It is however possible to play the game without the save feature.

• What's new in version 2.0
- A decent GUI.
- Blob movements are done with the stylus and not with the d-pad.
- More levels, including a tutorial.
- Save feature (needs DLDI, see http://dldi.drunkencoders.com).
- Circular cursor.

• Presentation
Negative Space is a homebrew puzzle game for the NDS, based on the concept of negative space.
The whole game contains only two colors: black and white.
There are two 'blob' characters: the white blob moves in the black space, and the black blob in the white space. That's why, empty space for one blob represents solid ground and walls for the other.
The aim of the game is for each blob to capture its designated flag.
To achieve this goal, the player draws directly on the touch screen in black or white in order to modify the levels (i.e. create new paths and platforms), and push the blobs. Keep in mind that a new path for one blob means new walls for the other!
The blobs are moved by "pushing" or "lifting" them with their own color.

• Controls
- Stylus: draw.
- ▲ / ▼ or Y / B: switch color.
- START: restart the current level.

• Drawing
The remaining ink for each color is displayed on the corresponding gauge, on the upper screen. The number of lines is limited as well, and represented by the small icons between the two ink gauges.
The available quantity of ink and lines is specific to each level.

• Credits
Design and development: Mia
Library: PAlib
Music: Tomasz Andrzej Nidecki
Original concept: Squidi