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Touch me (I'm famous) is a little homebrew game I've developed for the Nintendo DS, which makes use of the touch screen feature. It's a combination between a shooting game and a rhythm game.
The song heard during the game is a sample from Sweet euphemisms by Soso.

• How to play
First of all, you have to hold the DS vertically, the same way as in Brain Training for instance. There is no left-handed mode at the moment, sorry about that (one day, maybe..).
The aim of the game is to blow everything up. In order to do so, you have to tap the enemies with the stylus, but always according to the rhythm: either on the beat (represented by the periodic flash effect), or on the back beat.
A "BOMB" shows up in case of success.

• Buttons
- Stylus : start the game, shoot enemies
- R : if pressed when starting the game, the background pictures will stay in black and white

• Score
- BOMB an enemy : +10 points
- TOUCH an enemy (without BOMB) : +3 points
- Multi-BOMB (several enemies BOMBed at the same time) : +20 points for each additionnal enemy
- BOMB combo bonus : + 10 * maximum_BOMB_combo points